As a Charitable Trust our focus is on supporting communities all over New Zealand. We make a huge difference to a wide range of local causes each year by returning millions of dollars in gaming machine proceeds to New Zealand communities.

What's unique about Pub Charity is our target of returning 95% of available donation funds right back into the community where they were raised. This means the gaming machines in Pub Charity venues really are supporting their local communities. To find out who we support, see the latest donations listings here.

How to apply


Step 1: Check Available Funds
Step 2: Read the Criteria
Step 3: Complete the Application
Step 4: Send us your Application
Step 5: Your Application is Assessed
Step 6: Your Application Outcome
Step 7: Acknowledge our Support

Step 1: Check Available Funds

It is Pub Charity’s policy to return funds generated from a local community back into that community. This means that to be eligible for a Pub Charity donation, there must be a Pub Charity venue operating in your region. To find out if there is a Pub Charity venue in your area, download a PDF list of our venues.

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Step 2: Read the Criteria

On the 27 November 2013, the Board discussed the annual review of criteria, methods, distribution and policy that Pub Charity uses in its consideration of the net proceeds of the society's gambling activity.

It was resolved that these were adequate and appropriate and would continue to be the policy that Pub Charity would follow for the 2013/2014 year.

To view a PDF of the Pub Charity Donation Criteria, click here.

Here are some of the key things you need to be aware of before you apply for funding.

  • Your organisation must be: an incorporated society; a charitable body recognised by the Inland Revenue Department; a non-profit organisation; and/or, if applicable, a club or group affiliated to or a member of a recognised national organisation. It must have a valid constitution and a set of rules and be able to produce on request credible financial statements.
  • Your organisation must have a bank account in the name of your club/group or organisation.
  • Only a beneficiary or member of the organisation can apply for funding on behalf of your organisation.
  • If you are applying for property maintenance or purchase costs, you will need to provide supporting information as to the tenure or ownership of the relevant property.
  • No applications will be accepted from an applicant who operates their own gaming machines.
  • Applications must be for charitable purposes and will need to be within one of the following donation distribution groups:
    • Community, culture and arts
    • Education (including pre-school, kindergartens, playgroups, Kohanga Reo)
    • Fire brigade, ambulance, life saving
    • Health, and health-related purposes
    • Youth
    • Sport, recreation, leisure

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Step 3: Complete the Application

It is really important that you complete all the applicable areas of your form and provide all the information we need – otherwise we won't be able to process your application.

Download a PDF on how to fill out the Pub Charity Application Form.

Pub Charity must keep all original applications and attachments on file for Department of Internal Affairs audit purposes, whether they are successful or not, so please make a copy of all the documents that you send in. We are unable to provide copies once received.

We wish you the very best of luck with your application.

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Step 4: Send us your Application

Send the completed form and all required documents to:

Pub Charity
Level 2, 190 Taranaki Street
PO Box 27009

To maximise your chance of success, it is best to send your application in well before the deadline date to allow time for any queries to be resolved prior to consideration.

Applications must be physically received at our office (not our Post Office Box) by 5pm of deadline date to be processed for the next Net Proceeds Committee meeting. 

View Application deadlines

View the forthcoming deadlines for accepting donation applications.

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Step 5: Your Application is Assessed

There are two stages to the process we go through when we receive your application:

  • Application check
  • Net Proceeds Committee decision process

Application check

  1. We check that the application form has been completed properly.
  2. We check that all required documents have been sent with application.

Note: If any information or documentation is missing, you will be asked to provide it. If the missing information is received, and as a result you miss the monthly deadline, your application will be held over to the next cycle. However, if you have still not submitted the missing information by the following month's deadline your application will be declined.

Net Proceeds Committee decision process

Pub Charity’s Net Proceeds Committee will consider all applications that have been completed properly and contain all the required information and documentation.

Note: At no time is any Venue Operator involved in this process.

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Step 6: Your Application Outcome 

After your application has been processed, the Net Proceeds Committee will determine if your application has been approved or declined. In this section we will take you through the process of:

  • Approved applications
  • Declined applications
  • Using your donation
  • Publishing donation details
  • Auditing your donation

Approved applications

Within a week of your application being approved, Pub Charity will make a donations payment into the nominated bank account you provided by direct credit.

When payment is made, a Pub Charity remittance advice is mailed to the address provided in your application notifying you that you have had your donation approved and providing details of the payment made.

Accountability of the use of the funds is required to be returned to Pub Charity within three months of receipt of funds – click here for Accountability & Feedback Template

Declined applications

If your application is declined, you should receive a letter approximately seven working days after the Net Proceeds Committee has met. (If your application contained all the correct information and documentation, this should be within 6 weeks of you submitting your application.) Further explanation of the reasoning for an unsuccessful request can be found here

You can reapply for a donation, but this will need to be a completely new application. Pub Charity is unable to return your original application or any part of it. Nor can we provide you with photocopies of your application (we suggest you make a copy of your application before submitting it).

If you wish to make a complaint about a declined application, please do so in writing stating that you would like the decision to be reviewed and why you think this decision is incorrect to:

Complaints Officer
Pub Charity
PO Box 27-009

Your request will be reviewed at the next Net Proceeds Committee Meeting. You will be advised of the outcome directly from the Complaints Officer.

Using your donation

  • Donation funds must be used within three months of deposit into your bank account.
  • Donations must be used for the purpose stated on your application form.
  • Receipts and invoices must be sent to Pub Charity within three months of funds being used.
  • A copy of your organisation’s bank statement is required in order to verify payment of invoices.
  • If you received funds from any other sources for the same purpose(s) as you applied to Pub Charity, you must return the unspent amount of the Pub Charity donation funds along with receipts and invoices of what you have spent of Pub Charity donation funds.
  • If you do not use the entire Pub Charity donation you must return the unspent amount.
  • Unspent donation funds cannot be used for any other purpose(s).
  • Unspent donation funds will be re-distributed within your area at the next Net Proceeds Committee meeting.

Publishing donation details

Your organisation's name and the amount donated will be published, in accordance with a Department of Internal Affairs requirement, each financial year.

Pub Charity publishes a list of approved and declined applicants and the donation amounts in an appropriate newspaper.

Auditing your donation

Pub Charity is required to maintain an ‘audit trail’ showing how we dealt with each application for a donation. When you apply for funds, your organisation must agree to an audit/inspection to check that your donation is received and used correctly. If you are audited, this could involve inspecting your organisation's books, accounts, or data systems to check that:

  • you sent all relevant receipts and invoices to Pub Charity within three months
  • you declared any applications made to other funding sources for the same purpose, the amounts requested and any known outcomes
  • you returned the unspent balance of the Pub Charity donation if you received funds from other sources for the same purpose(s)
  • you returned the unspent balance if you did not use the entire Pub Charity donation.

Note: If your organisation has not met all the audit requirements from previous donations, any new application is likely to be declined.

Any enquiries concerning your application should be sent to Pub Charity in writing (either by email, fax or mail) by your organisation's Secretary or an Executive Committee member who signed the application.

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Step 7: Acknowledge our Support

Acknowledging our support helps other organisations to find out how they can benefit from Pub Charity funding. It also lets the community know about the work Pub Charity does. Find out how you can acknowledge our support.

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Who we support

Examples of community groups and organisations that receive support from Pub Charity include:

  • education: schools, education trusts, kindergartens, playgroups, pre-schools and Kohanga Reo
  • emergency services: fire brigades, ambulance services, rescue and lifesaving services
  • health: a wide range of health and health related organisations and trusts
  • sports: a wide range of sports groups of all ages
  • community: community services and support groups, arts music and cultural groups, environmental groups, youth, animal groups

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Please feel welcome to get in touch with us if you have any enquires or questions. We value your feedback and look forward to the opportunity to help your organisation. Please note: we do not accept Donation Applications submitted via this form. 


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